Le Toy Van: A Timeless Journey into Quality Wooden Toys – TOYBOX
Le Toy Van: A Timeless Journey into Quality Wooden Toys

Le Toy Van: A Timeless Journey into Quality Wooden Toys

Le Toy Van: A Timeless Journey into Quality Wooden Toys

Harnessing Tradition: The Le Toy Van's Wooden Toy Legacy

Welcome to TOYBOX, where imagination knows no bounds! In today's blog post, we embark on a delightful journey into the enchanting world of "Le Toy Van." Renowned for their timeless wooden toys, Le Toy Van has captured the hearts of both children and parents alike. Join us as we uncover the rich history, explore the unmatched quality, and discover the diverse range of toys that make Le Toy Van a shining star in the world of play.

Le Toy Van Ice Cream Trolley

Are you ready to take your little one on a delightful journey to a world of sweet and creamy dreams? Introducing the Le Toy Van Ice Cream Trolley, the ultimate playtime companion for endless hours of imaginative fun! This charming wooden ice cream trolley is not just a toy; it's a gateway to a world of creativity, learning, and role-playing.

Le Toy Van Ice Cream Trolley

The History of Le Toy Van:

Founded with a passion for crafting toys that inspire creativity, Le Toy Van has been a beacon of excellence since its inception.

This award winning toy company was started in 1995 by Georges Le Van in Surrey to design high quality, traditional wooden toys with contemporary styling. They specialise in toys that encourage children to use their imagination such as dolls houses, castles, farms and garages.

With a foundation rooted in traditional values, Le Toy Van seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern design, creating toys that stand the test of time.

Wooden Toys:

In an era dominated by plastic, Le Toy Van stands out by embracing the beauty and warmth of wooden toys. These classic playthings evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering a tactile and sensory experience for children. Le Toy Van understands the timeless appeal of wooden toys and crafts each piece with precision, ensuring durability that can be passed down through generations.

Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House

Très Jolie! A fully painted and decorated doll's house with hearts and flowers motif and opening shutters, windows and door. Glitters on the roof. The house comes complete with a 37 piece furniture & accessory set.

Won the Loved by Children Award 2015 (England).

Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House

The Le Toy Van range of wooden toys are biodegradable and powered by make-believe so it’s the child’s creativity that does the legwork. They are more long lasting than their plastic counterparts; they are family heirloom in the making.

Le Toy Van also have a range of wooden toys called "The FSC® Collection" which are made from FSC® - certified wood (from well managed forests) and removing or reducing any parts made from unnatural materials. One step closer to our plastic free ambition! 

Quality Matters:

One of the hallmarks of Le Toy Van is their unwavering commitment to quality. Each toy is meticulously crafted using responsibly sourced materials, meeting stringent safety standards. The brand takes pride in creating products that not only provide hours of entertainment but also withstand the rigors of play. When you choose Le Toy Van, you're investing in toys that prioritize safety, durability, and a touch of artisanal craftsmanship.

Kid Safe, Always:

The safety of your child is our number one priority. Le Toy Van rigorously test and regularly exceed toy safety standards. Only safe, non-toxic paint are used and work hard – from design to manufacture – to ensure kid safe edges on our toys, for safe play every day.

Tested by Kids, Big & Small:

Le Toy Van believe that there is no toy without fun. So they include local kids, as well as in-house big kids, at all stages of their design process. If the little kids don’t like it, then it’s back to the drawing board!

Multi-award Winning

Le Toy Van has won numerous fabulous awards. They have proudly won over 65 awards since 1995, covering all aspects of their design, quality, safety, play and educational value.

Le Toy Van Educational Wooden Honeybake Oven & Hob Playset

The Honeybake Oven and Hob set is a delightful play oven that has been specially designed with a variety of bright play accessories and inspiring details. Features rustic dials that are easy to move and adjust the temperature, while the easy to open door is perfect for little hands, a clock with moving hands to set the cooking time, pot, spoon and spatula. Designed in the iconic Honeybake colours this wonderfully painted wooden play oven and hob set will make mealtimes incredibly fun! Its unique design pays great attention to detail, enhancing the imaginative play experience. Exclusive to the Honeybake Collection.

Le Toy Van TV265 Educational Wooden Honeybake Oven & Hob Playset

An Investment in Play

Le Toy Van design their toys to encourage and inspire long-term imaginative play. Sensory layers of colours, sound, texture and discovery ensure that a Le Toy Van toy becomes a well loved family favourite for generations to come.

Range of Toys:

Le Toy Van boasts an extensive range of toys that cater to every stage of a child's development. From charming dolls' houses to interactive puzzles and educational games, there's a Le Toy Van creation for every young explorer. The brand understands the diverse interests and preferences of children, ensuring that their catalog is as varied and vibrant as the imaginations it inspires.

Le Toy Van Palace Doll House

A truly palatial doll's house, fit for royalty. As featured in Harrods and Hamleys of London

Le Toy Van Palace Doll House - The grandest house ever designed by Le Toy Van. With four floors plus an attic room, there's plenty of space for extensive play. An array of window styles and a regal double front door add to the impressive appeal.- Let your imagination run riot in this magnificent mansion. A touch of gold paint adds to the luxurious finish of this delightful doll's house.

Le Toy Van Palace Doll House

Types of Toys:

  • Dolls and Dollhouses: Immerse your child in a world of make-believe with intricately designed dolls and dollhouses.

  • Puzzles and Games: Stimulate cognitive development through engaging puzzles and games that challenge and entertain.

  • Play Sets: Spark creativity with themed play sets that transport little ones to different worlds, from bustling farms to magical kingdoms.

  • Educational Toys: Foster learning through play with a range of educational toys designed to inspire curiosity and exploration.

The range also incudes baby & toddler, roleplay & imagination, cars & garages, castles, children's furniture, farm & animals, kitchens, Noa's arks, pirates, playfoods, shops & markets, space, tool benches and trains.

Le Toy Van Vintage Wooden Phone

Ring, Ring! A charming retro-style vintage phone featuring a bell within the handset for role-play fun. Written digits and a realistic spinning wheel encourage number recognition.

Made from rubber and wood and painted in iconic red and finished with a touch of luxury gold.


Le Toy Van Vintage Wooden Phone

    Benefits of Le Toy Van:

    1. Developmental Growth: Le Toy Van toys are crafted to support various aspects of a child's development, including cognitive, social, and motor skills.

    2. Timeless Appeal: The classic charm of wooden toys ensures that they remain relevant and cherished, creating lasting memories for your child.

    3. Sustainability: With a commitment to responsible sourcing, Le Toy Van promotes eco-friendly practices, making them a conscious choice for environmentally aware parents.

    4. Durability: The robust construction of Le Toy Van toys ensures they withstand the test of time, making them ideal heirlooms to pass down from one generation to the next.

    Le Toy Van TV246 Barbarossa Pirate Ship

    The classic black-painted wooden pirate ship with a skull and crossed swords motif on the fabric sails. This traditional toy has fun added features including a crow's nest, a 'walk-the-plank', rigging, a spring-loaded firing cannon with cannonballs, a wind-up anchor, a deck trap-door, a helm, a Barbarossa figurehead and a rear opening stern for access. Perfectly scaled for Budkins characters and any other figurines around 10cm tall. Figures are sold separately. Winner of the Right Start Toy Award.

    Le Toy Van TV246 Barbarossa Pirate Ship


    Le Toy Van, with its rich history, dedication to quality, and diverse range of toys, stands as a beacon in the world of play. By choosing Le Toy Van, you're not just purchasing toys; you're investing in a journey of imagination, creativity, and growth for your child. Explore the magic of Le Toy Van at TOYBOX and watch your child's playtime transform into an enchanting adventure!

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