Barbie FXH08 Doggy Daycare Doll


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Barbie FXH08 Doggy Daycare Doll, Blonde and Pets Playset, with Puppy That Poops and One That Pees, Plus Colour-Change Paper and More

  • ​Barbie doll is caring for four adorable pets with her Doggy Daycare doll playset- one dog that poops, one that wees and two adorable puppies
  • Kids toys with easy activation mean kids can repeat the fun over and over again for storytelling surprises and the Barbie toys magical effect
  • Children will love feeding the big light-brown dog it's 3 small bones and pushing down its tail to see it poop
  • ​Youngsters will get a kick out of filling the water bottle with water and feeding the big dog, placing it on the newspaper and lifting its back leg to see it wee; as it does, the water causes the paper to turn yellow; but don't worry, it fades away
  • Includes a blonde Barbie doll with outfit and shoes, pooping puppy, peeing puppy, 2 smaller puppies, water bottle, food dish, 3 bones, a blanket and a colour-change 'newspaper'; doll cannot stand alone; colours and decorations may vary
  • ​This dolls playset is ready to play with all 4 pets, every day; with a pink dress with cool ice cream print, white trainers and knees that bend, kids have everything they need to role-play fun activities with Barbie and her favourite pets
  • ​The Doggy Day-care doll playset also comes with a feeding bowl and a blanket to encourage imaginations in role-play and storytelling fun
  • ​With 4 puppy pets and fun features, this doll makes a great gift for kids 3 years and older - especially those who love puppies, dogs and animals

​Barbie doll has started a Doggy Day-care with 4 adorable pet friends for children to care for. Includes Barbie doll with outfit and shoes, pooping puppy, peeing puppy, 2 smaller puppies, water bottle, food dish, 3 bones, a blanket and a colour-change 'newspaper'. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary. Barbie-like all kids, loves animals, especially dogs and the two bigger dogs are sure to keep her busy: one can pee and the other can poop! Young animal lovers will have so much fun playing pet care with Barbie doll and her Doggy Day-care playset. It's so easy to care for these adorable pets. Feed the big light brown dog the bones, then push down on its tail to go potty! Or fill the bottle with water and give to the big white dog (with the sweetest brown ears), then place it on the newspaper and lift its back leg; the dog will wee while the water activates a colour-change on the newspaper for a totally real effect without the real mess! Two puppies round out the animal pack. A blanket and feeding bowl complete the care package. Kids can play all day with Barbie doll and her four adorable friends. She wears a cute ice cream print dress and white shoes and has knees that bend so she can take care of her dog friends! There are lots more Barbie toys to collect to encourage imaginations even more because when children play with Barbie they imagine everything they can become.

Recommended age 3 years +

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