BRUDER 03524 Scania R Series Timber Truck And Crane

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Bruder Scania R Series Timber Truck And Crane

The Scania lorry, like the original, has a loading crane mounted behind the driver’s cab. The loading crane is equipped with a log grabber to move the logs. The log grabber can be locked in the open position. When it is time to pick up a log, the log grabber is lowered to the log and automatically closes around it when contact is made the middle. An example of the functionality of this lorry.

Additional highlights are the extending and lowering crane supports as well as the chains on the stakes of the loading platform for load securing. The stakes can be folded down to load the timber from the side. The lorry can be unloaded by tipping the loading platform to the rear.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Cabin windows made of transparent and high-quality polycarbonate
  • Folding outside mirror
  • Doors can be opened
  • Log grabber with automatic closing
  • Folding pipe brackets with metal chains can be closed
  • Stabilizer legs of the backhoe extends to the ground
  • Tipping loading platform
  • Crane attachment swivels by 360°
  • Loads can be revolved and detached
  • Tread tires
  • Functional loading crane with a grabber
  • Made in Germany

Ages: 3 years +



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