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Disney Princess Snow White Stir 'n Bake Kitchen

by Disney
Type: Dolls

Disney Princess Snow White Stir 'n Bake Kitchen

Encourage little dreamers to play out enchanting stories with their favourite Disney Princess characters. They can immerse themselves in the fantasies of their favourite characters and be inspired to create their very own fairy tale. With so many beloved characters to choose from Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Tiana, Jasmine, Mulan, Merida, and Pocahontas (each sold separately) this line of fashion dolls features a Princess for every dreamer.

  • Doll attaches to playset
  • Rotating toy oven rack flips pie accessories from unbaked to baked
  • Roll the dial to see the spoon spin in a bowl and rolling pin move
  • Soft towel, muffin pan, and spatula fit in doll's hands
  • Includes playset, doll, skirt, headband, 2 pies, muffin pan, oven mitt, towel, and spatula

Recommended age 3 years and upwards.

Imagine Baking Yummy Treats with Snow White
Join Snow White and her animal friends in pretending to make yummy treats! In the Stir 'n Bake Kitchen, kids can imagine Snow White is baking muffins and pies for the dwarfs. Attach the doll to the playset to keep her standing while playing. Roll the dial to activate Snow White's spoon stirring the batter and her squirrel friend rolling pretend dough. The oven has a rotating rack that flips so little dreamers can pretend Snow White's homemade apple pie is baking.

Fun in Snow White's Kitchen
Little bakers can imagine the toy oven cooks their pretend pies! Before playing with the set, kids place the cooked pie accessory in the oven and close the door. Then, when they're ready to pretend to bake with Snow White, they can place the uncooked pie accessory in the oven, close the door, and open again to see the baked pie. With the spatula, oven mitt, and muffin pan, kids can play out different and exciting cooking stories in the kitchen with this sweet and caring princess.

Disney Princess Snow White
Although her wicked stepmother, the Queen forces Snow White to work as a servant, the gentle princess never stops dreaming that someday her prince will come. When the Queen's mirror tells her that Snow White is the 'fairest in the land,' the Queen commands her huntsman to end Snow White's life. Touched by her innocence, the huntsman spares her life instead, and she flees into the forest to the Seven Dwarf's cottage, where she befriends the quirky crew. When the queen finds her and puts her into a deep sleep, the prince comes to her, awakening her with love's first kiss.


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