Learning Resources Nancy B's Science Club Reflections Kaleidoscope

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Learning Resources Nancy B's Science Club Reflections Kaleidoscope

Discover the beauty of light with the Reflections Kaleidoscope! This hands-on scientific tool features a degree gauge and dial to adjust the mirrors and change the patterns that you see. Explore nature and find treasures to add to the water-tight chamber, or remove the chamber entirely to view the world with a brilliant, kaleidoscopic effect! The in-depth, 22-page journal promotes creative thinking and provides exciting activities that introduce key concepts from physics and geometry. The possibilities are as endless as a beam of light.

  • Explore physics and geometry concepts through a Kaleidoscope!
  • An ideal addition to STEAM Learning and scientific exploration
  • Includes a water-tight chamber for displaying colourful beads (included), liquids or nature discoveries
  • Includes a 22-page journal complete with activities and information to extend their learning

Recommended age 8 years +


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