LIVING NATURE Giant Golden Retriever Soft Toy

Type: Soft Toy

LIVING NATURE AN480 Giant Golden Retriever Soft Toy 60cm

Prepare to elevate your toy shop with this luxurious and irresistibly soft toy Giant Golden Retriever plush dog, designed to inspire and delight. The attention to detail is simply remarkable. The lustrous faux fur fabrics have been carefully selected to emulate the regal coats of real dogs, providing a tactile experience that is simply unmatched. From the meticulously airbrushed detailing on the noses to the expressive eyes that radiate warmth and charm, every aspect has been perfected to capture the essence of these beloved canine companions. As customers experience the luxurious softness and undeniable allure of these plush dogs, they will be inspired to bring the magic home. We offer a unique opportunity to enhance your toy shop's offerings and inspire customers to embrace the joy and companionship these plush dogs bring.
Item Dimensions 19.00 x 35.00 x 60.00 cm.

Living Nature™ is a premium soft toy brand, offering high-quality plush items that are made with industry-leading realism. Their exclusive soft toy brand is all about embracing the wonder of nature. These beautifully crafted and realistically detailed plush toy animals not only bring joy and comfort to children but also share with them some of nature’s amazing wildlife secrets. The wonderful variety of indigenous species that inhabit our beloved countryside beautifully represents the diversity and richness of our culture and people – essentially capturing the spirit of this great little island. Designed to delight and educate children and adults alike, they pay great attention to detail to ensure their soft toys are as realistic as possible; each animal features a swing tag showing informative facts about the animal’s behaviour, habitat and diet. The quality and variety of the Living Nature range will consistently deliver fun to children and their families; British Wildlife, Farm Animals and Pets will delight and excite them, whilst enhancing the essence of what they love…. The great outdoors!

Suggested age suitability from birth upwards.
LIVING NATURE AN480 Giant Golden Retriever Soft Toy 60cm
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