Peppy Pets Unicorn

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Peppy Pets Unicorn Soft Toy, White

Peppy Pets introduces the fantasy line and this soft and cuddly friend your child has been looking for, Peppy Pets Unicorn! This Walking unicorn toy has pep and bounces in his step wherever your child decides to walk him, making him a lively, enthusiastic companion. Let your little one use the leash so he can walk along in the park, on the sidewalk, or even in the house. With a snuggly coat, Peppy Pets Unicorn will be easy to love and cuddle. This little stuffed toy features a cheerful facial expression. Peppy Pets Unicorn will be your child's best friend.

  • Peppy Pets love to run, jump and play!
  • The unicorn has a spring in her step and her tail waggles!
  • She is super soft and fluffy so don't forget to give her cuddles.
  • No batteries required!

Recommended age 2 years +


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