Philips Lithium 3V Button Cell Battery CR1616

by Philips
Type: Batteries

Philips Lithium 3V Button Cell Battery CR1616

The pack contains 1 x 3 Volt button cell battery.

Used for Toys, Watches, Key Fobs, Car Alarms, Cameras, Calculators, Games etc...

The Philips Lithium 3V Button Cell Battery CR1616 offers a reliable and long-lasting power solution for a wide range of devices. From watches and calculators to electronic car keys and LED lights, this button-cell battery provides a steady stream of power for all your needs. Featuring Philips lithium technology, this battery offers superior performance and extended life. It also has a higher voltage than other button cell batteries, making it ideal for high-drain devices. Built with anions, the Philips Lithium 3V Button Cell Battery CR1616 is leak-resistant and provides maximum safety for your devices. Get the power you need with the Philips Lithium 3V Button Cell Battery CR1616.

Reliable for long-term performance
Excellent technology is used in manufacturing to guarantee reliable and long-term performance.

Lithium, Silver and Alkaline technology for small devices
The Lithium, Silver and Alkaline technologies offer a reliable maximum power and lifetime value for small devices.

The battery remains fresh for use for up to 5 years
Every battery suffers from energy loss when not in use. We guarantee that the battery contains at least 80% of its initial energy within the best-before date.

    Made in Germany.

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