Play-Doh 4-Pack of Sweet Themed Non-Toxic


Play-Doh 4-Pack of Sweet Themed Non-Toxic

Squish up some fun with the essential Play-Doh 4 pack of colours! These 4 large four-ounce cans are great for all kinds of creative play including gifts, activities, classroom projects, or to refill any Play-Doh colour collection. The 4-pack of colours also works well with any Play-Doh toolset or playset (sold separately). The Sweet collection features light blue, pink, orange, and light purple modelling compound.

  • Colourful Play-Doh 4-pack of fun: Whether you're looking for a creative toy for kids two and up or arts and crafts like modelling clay, nothing beats a fresh can of Play-Doh compound (well, maybe four cans)
  • Four-ounce cans of creativity: With four different colours in four-ounce cans, there's plenty of non-toxic Play-Doh compound for kids to squish, sculpt and shape into whatever sparks their imagination
  • Sweet-looking possibilities: The bright, cheerful colours in This set are sure to make some Sweet-Looking creations with bright orange, light blue, purple and pink
  • Add-ons, party favours and more: Get extra colours to go with your Play-Doh playsets (sold separately), hand them out for party favours and party games, or just open a can and make something
  • Sweet colour pack includes light blue, pink, orange, and light purple

Recommended age 2 years +



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