Voltron – Legendary Black Lion, light and sounds

by Voltron

Voltron – Legendary Black Lion, light and sounds

The mythical lion black, the Heart of Voltron. Of 30 cm fully articulated action figure with accessories, sounds and LED lights. High playability thanks to several points of articulation. By combining the black lion with the legendary Lions (sold separately), you can train the Voltron High 40 cm and you can unlock extra content. Five Boys Intergalactic are in the midst of a war. They are called upon to pilot the five mythical lions robot and counter 's of gala Empire, which seeks from Zarkon, the empire the whole universe. Only through the team that their friendship and their work all five defenders may join between them their Lions and create Voltron, the fearsome robot warrior, which represents the last hope of peace for the universe. Friendships, DIN teamwork, conversions, epic battles intergalactic, are the essential elements of this interesting TV series.

  • Deluxe Black The Lion, the heart of Voltron with LED lights
  • Electronic character very high 30 cm
  • With lots of sounds and phrases included and if colleagues all other legendary Lions, unlock new phrases and sounds, up to more than 50
  • Includes Speeder Shiro
  • Compose the Lion with the other lions Deluxe Black; former the Mega Voltron 40 cm, with many phrases, LED lights and the shimmering Sword of Voltron
  • Extras that unlock when all Lions (sold separately) are connected

Recommended age 4+ years

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