Zoops Electronic Twisting Zooming Climbing Toy

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by Hasbro
Type: Interactive

Zoops Electronic Twisting Zooming Climbing Toy Party Animal Pet Toy

They twist! They zoom! They climb! These adorable and hilarious electronic party pets bring the party wherever they go. Explore all the tricks the Zoops toys can do! Party Unicorn is part of the wacky party crew that zooms, flips, climbs up your arm, collects foam treats (included), and does tricks with the ball. Connect more than one Zoops (each sold separately) together to create Zoops Group and send them flipping and zooming! There are so many ways to play with Zoops party pets!

  • They climb!
  • They twist!
  • They zoom!

Batteries 3 LR44 batteries required. (included)

Recommended age 5 years +

ZOOMING CLIMBING ELECTRONIC TOY: Zoops are the wacky zooming, twisting, electronic party pets that will surprise kids with their amazing tricks. They zoom around, backflip, climb up your arm, and more PASS THE BALL OR ZOOPS

TREATS FOR MORE SURPRISES: Each Zoops toy includes a ball and special Zoops treats. Zoops love to scoop up treats as they zoom around and can even pass the ball back CONNECT THEM: Friends can play together with their Zoops toys by looping them together or connecting the coils to make a longer and bigger Zoops Group (Each sold separately)

DISCOVER MANY WAYS TO PLAY: Get to know these animal party pets and the surprising tricks they can do. What will they do next? Watch them do their amazing Loops, Scoops, Groups, and Scoots

MEET THE PARTY CREW: There are 10 adorable and wacky electronic animals in the assortment just waiting for kids to join their party crew. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).